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Literary Works 


Vunga: Tales of an Island Boy

Vunga, a mischief-prone boy on the island of Grenada, finds adventure with his siblings and loyal brother Gabby in this tale of bygone childhood, inspired by the author’s memories.


Teenager Nessa grapples with parental struggles, unrequited love, and self-discovery against the backdrop of Montreal in this exploration of mental health and fierce friendships.
Frank Banfield

Meet Frank Banfield

Frank Banfield, a retired psychotherapist who started his career later in life, shares his childhood adventures in his first book “Vunga: Tales of an Island Boy”. The book is targeted towards young adults and adults who enjoyed a mischievous youth.

Eva Parada - 002

Meet Eva Parada

Teen artist Eva Parada poured her talents into illustrating “Vunga” while navigating high school graduation. Drawn to expressing emotions visually, she aims to pursue art therapy to help children facing challenges similar to her own.

Pearl Kim Lee Headshot - No Scarf - Cropped

Meet Pearl Lee

Pearl Lee is a lifelong storyteller and former teen-in-turmoil. She started writing early, buying a pencil and copybook with her first-ever allowance. Later, she typed mystery stories on a rented typewriter for her sister and cousins.